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Is the only FCOM the book manual on the PMDG website? I have been told by a fellow simmer that my insufficient fuel on my FMC can be found. BOEING NORMAL PROCEDURES CHECKLIST. TAXI OUT. First Officer. Captain. ALTIMETERS (BOTH) ____ IN/hPa, ____FT. ALLOWABLE. FCOM FCTM QRH – january – june «on: November 10, , PM». Hello my dears, Here i attach part manuals.

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How is Improved 747–400 used? Tire Burst Tire bursting incidents occur regularly. Fuel Imbalance In-flight fuel imbalance occurs when the quantity of fuel between the fuel tanks in the left and right wings is unequal.

Landing on Contaminated Runways Landing on Contaminated Runways involves increased levels of risk related to deceleration and directional control.

Polar Air Boeing 747-400 FCOM QRH Manual

It is less useful to the flight crew in the normal operational range. Optimum Use Of The Weather radar The aim of 747-00 Briefing Note is to provide additional information about weather radar capabilities and limitations, in order to improve the flight crew’s overall understanding of the system, and to help prevent such incidents from occurring.

Takeoff Safety Training Aid Airframe manufacturers, airlines,pilot groups, and government 747-40, have developed this training resource dedicated to reducing the number of rejected takeoff RTO accidents. All have been shown to have occurred during flight near convective weather mostly at high altitude.

These are not free but the PDF files will help immensely. We are always looking for contributors! These two types of overloading, resulting in modal input devices and ambiguous feedback, are well known sources of operator confusion, and explain, in part, the operational issues experienced by airline pilots using VNAV in descent and approach.


Effective fom should be short, structured, concise and adapted to the particular conditions of the takeoff or approach-and-landing.

Yet tail strikes can be prevented when flight crews understand their causes and follow certain standard procedures. Getting To Grips With Cold Weather Operations The purpose of this document is to provide Airbus operators with an understanding of Airbus aircraft operations in cold weather conditions, and address such aspects as aircraft contamination, performance on contaminated runways, fuel freezing limitations and altimeter corrections.

Minimizing the Impact Runway Arresting Systems Many airports throughout the world have joint commercial-military operations. Rudder and Loads This Airbus technical memo has been published short time after the crash of an American Airline A on takeoff from New-York Taxiing aircraft with engines stopped The idea to taxi aircraft without the main engine thrust is not recent.

It also describes defenses and controls for these attitudes that will enable flight crews to enhance flight safety through improved personal discipline. Although much has been said about dealing with these cases there has been little reference to the causes.

These systems pose a potential damage and safety hazard to commercial airplanes that use the same runways. Go-Around Study The Flight Safety Foundation analyzed 16 years of aircraft accident data and found that the most common type of accident is the runway excursion.

Decision Making Decision making is the cognitive process of selecting a course of action from among multiple alternatives. An interesting review initiated by Captain Fred H. Consequently, there is a risk that flight crew no longer have the necessary skills to react appropriately to either failures in automation, programming errors or a loss of situational awareness.

One in ten go around reports records a potentially hazardous go-around outcome. Airbus A Technical Differences This brochure describes the various differences between each member of the A Family: Reducing the Risk of Runway Excursions At the request of several international aviation organizations in latethe Flight Safety Foundation initiated a project entitled Runway Safety Initiative RSI to address the challenge of runway safety.


Sign In Sign Up. Safe Winter Operations Airline engineering, maintenance, and flight personnel, as well as contracted airplane deicing service providers, need to be aware of the recent developments and recommendations for operating airplanes in winter weather conditions.

News media coverage suggests that aircraft cabin air quality is a serious concern. Effective Pilot and Controller Communications Communications between controllers and pilots can be improved by the mutual understanding of each other’s operating environment.

Polar Air Boeing FCOM QRH Manual | #

Risks related to Lithium Batteries Lithium-ion Li-ion has become the dominant rechargeable battery chemistry for consumer electronics devices e. However, isolated cases of abnormal vibration require prompt flight crew response and subsequent timely maintenance action.

Enhancing Terrain Awareness This briefing provides a set of operational recommendations and training guidelines to establish and maintain the desired level of terrain awareness.

The choice of recommendations will of course have to be adapted to the circumstances.

The accident record shows that hard landings often involve substantial 747–400 and sometimes result in fatalities. Volcanic Ash Avoidance A fcim aircraft encounter with volcanic Ash can threaten safety of flight because of resulting conditions that can range from windshield pitting to loss of thrust in all engines.

Although different in nature, these examples have some common points: This document is specific to Airbus pilots. Ultimately, human factors are involved in all incidents and accidents. Smoke Fire Fume Initiative Boeing reminds that Smoke, fire, fumes events occur daily in commercial aircraft

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