Data sheet acquired from Harris Semiconductor. SCHSF. September – Revised October Features. • Overriding Reset Terminates Output Pulse. Manufacturer Part No: 74HCN Technical Datasheet: 74HCN Datasheet The 74HCN is a dual retriggerable monostable Multivibrator with reset. MOS technology. There are two trigger inputs, A INPUT (negative edge) and B INPUT (positive edge). These inputs are valid for slow rising/falling signals, (tr=tf= l.

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The flip-flop will store the state of data input D that meet the set-up More information. General description The provides the inverting buffer function with Schmitt-trigger input.

Applications The is a edge-triggered dual JK flip-flop which features independent set-direct SDclear-direct More information. Product [short] data sheet Production This document contains the product specification. The outputs are open-drain and can be connected to other open-drain outputs to implement active-low. General description The is a synchronous presettable 4-bit binary counter which features an internal look-ahead carry circuitry for cascading in high-speed Datssheet information.

74HC; 74HCT Dual retriggerable monostable multivibrator with reset – PDF

The 3-state output is controlled by the output enable input OE. General description The is a high-bandwidth switch designed for the switching of high-speed UB.

NXP Semiconductors hereby expressly objects to applying the customer s general terms and conditions with regard to the purchase of NXP Semiconductors products by customer. In case of any inconsistency or conflict with the short data sheet, the full data sheet shall prevail.


It has control inputs for enabling or disabling the clock CPfor clearing the counter to its More information. Dual 2-input NOR gate Rev. Applications The is a dual D-type flip-flop that features independent set-direct input SDclear-direct input More information. These features allow the use of these devices in More information.

Applications 8-bit serial-in, serial or parallel-out shift register with output latches; 3-state Rev. General description The is an 8-bit D-type transparent latch with 3-state outputs.

Dual BCD counter Rev. Dual JK flip-flop with reset; negative-edge trigger Rev. Triple single-pole double-throw analog switch Rev.

74HC123; 74HCT123 Dual Retriggerable Monostable Multivibrator With Reset

Limiting values Stress above one adtasheet more limiting values as defined in the Absolute Maximum Ratings System of IEC will cause permanent damage to the device. Ordering information The are 8-bit multiplexer with eight binary inputs I0 to I7three select inputs S0 More information.

General description The is an 8-bit binary counter with a storage register and 3-state outputs. This enables the use of. Preliminary [short] data sheet Qualification This document contains data from the preliminary specification.

The device features latch enable LE and output enable OE inputs. The output state is determined by eight patterns of 3-bit input. Low-power D-type flip-flop with set and reset; positive-edge trigger Rev.

Octal D-type flip-flop; positive edge-trigger; 3-state Rev. This enables the use of current limiting resistors More information. The output pulse width will only be extended when the time between the active-going edges of the trigger input pulses meets the minimum retrigger time.



74HCN Datasheet PDF – Philips Electronics

Revision history Table General description The is a single positive edge triggered -type flip-flop with individual data inputs, clock P inputs, set S and reset R inputs, and More information. General description The is a hex unbuffered inverter. The gate switches More information.

Two electrically isolated dual Schottky barrier diodes series, encapsulated More information. Single D-type flip-flop with set and reset; positive edge trigger Rev.

74HC123N Datasheet

dataxheet It has four address inputs D0 to D3an active. General description The is a synchronous presettable 4-bit binary counter which features an internal look-ahead carry circuitry for cascading in high-speed. The user can choose the More information. Right to make changes Datassheet Semiconductors reserves the right to make changes to information published in this document, including without limitation specifications and product descriptions, at any time datahseet without notice.

Customer is responsible for doing all necessary testing for the customer s applications and products using NXP Semiconductors products in order to avoid a default of the applications and the products or of the application or use by customer s third party customer s. Ordering information The decodes three binary weighted address inputs A0, A1 and A2 to eight mutually exclusive.

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