: El barril de amontillado [The Cask of Amontillado] (Audible Audio Edition): Edgar Allan Poe, Sonolibro, Sonolibro: Books. La bóta d’amontillado (The cask of amontillado en el títol original en anglès i El barril d’amontillado en la traducció al català de Carles Riba) és un conte d’Edgar Allan Poe, publicat a “Godey’s Lady’s Book” el novembre de El narrador. El Barril de Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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I again paused, and holding the flambeaux over the mason-work, threw a few feeble rays upon the figure within.

The story, set in an unnamed Italian city at carnival time in an unspecified year, is about a man taking fatal revenge on a friend who, he believes, has insulted him. In Poe’s story, for example, Fortunato makes reference to the secret society of Masonssimilar to the secret society inand even makes a gesture similar to one portrayed in it was a signal of distress.

At the most remote end of the crypt there appeared another less spacious. The man wore motley.

It was now midnight, and my task was drawing to a close. I thrust a torch through the remaining aperture and let it fall within. Fortunato then screams for help, but Montresor mocks his amnotillado, knowing nobody can hear them. A succession of loud and shrill amonti,lado, bursting suddenly from the throat of the chained form, seemed to thrust me violently back.

I had scarcely laid the first tier of the masonry when I discovered that the intoxication of Fortunato had in a great measure worn off.

I had completed the eighth, the ninth and the tenth tier. Xe Fortunato is chained to the wall and nearly entombed alive, Montresor merely mocks and mimics him, rather than disclosing to Fortunato the reasons behind his exacting revenge.


Sometimes, we also use a cookie to keep track of your trolley contents. Though Fortunato is presented as a connoisseur of fine wine, L. Your cough –” “It is nothing,” he said; “let us go on. I struggled with its weight; I placed it partially in its destined position. The wall was now nearly upon a level with my breast. We will go back; you will be ill, and I cannot be responsible.

The Cask of Amontillado

Additional scrutiny into the vague injuries and insults may have to do with a simple matter of Montresor’s pride and not any specific words from Fortunato. I took from alan sconces two flambeaux, and giving one to Fortunato, bowed him through several suites of rooms to the archway that led into the vaults. Moffitt Cecil of Texas Christian University argues that his actions in the story make that assumption questionable.

The group was made up of reformed drinkers who tried to scare people into abstaining from alcohol. He claims that he feels sick at heart, but dismisses this reaction as an effect of the dampness of the catacombs.

Retrieved 20 Re Once more let me implore you to return.

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Here I knocked off the neck of a bottle which I drew from a long row of its fellows that lay upon the mould. The story’s narrator, Montresor, tells an unspecified person, who knows allxn very well, of the day he took his revenge on Fortunato Italian for “the fortunate one”a fellow nobleman.

Fortunato, as his name would seem to indicate, has been blessed with good fortune and wealth and is, therefore, viewed as unrefined by Montresor; however, this lack of refinement has not stopped Fortunato from surpassing Montresor in society, which could very well be amontilladoo “insult” motive for Montresor’s revenge.


Besides, there is Luchresi –” “Enough,” he said; “the cough’s a mere nothing; it will not kill me. Retrieved from ” https: During the time period of this short story some coffins were given methods of alerting the outside in the event of live entombment. We came at length to the foot of the descent, and stood together upon the damp ground of the catacombs of the Montresors.

Ingram wrote to Sarah Helen Whitman that someone named “Allen” said that Poe worked “in the brickyard ‘late in the fall of ‘”. Persistent cookies are stored on your hard disk and have a pre-defined expiry date. Wikimedia Wllan has media related to The Cask of Amontillado.

La bóta d’amontillado

My heart grew sick; it was the dampness of the catacombs that made it so. New Essays on Poe’s Major Tales. In the last few sentences, Montresor reveals that 50 years later, Fortunato’s body still hangs from its amontillzdo in the niche where he left it.

Montresor never specifies his motive beyond the vague “thousand injuries” and “when he ventured upon insult” to which he refers.

Cecil also suggests that some people might feel Fortunato deserved to be buried alive for wasting a bottle of fine wine. Angry over numerous injuries and some unspecified insult, Montresor plots to murder his “friend” during Carnivalwhile the man is narril, dizzy, and wearing a jester ‘s motley.

Its Cultural and Historical Backgrounds”.

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