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In the third session I finished working on the lines, shaded the waves on the forearm and inner and outer elbow area, which is definitely one of the hardest areas to work on. I think that getting a Japanese style sleeve with no subject, such as dragons, samurais etc.

But when it comes to writing a verse or a slogan in 4 mm small letters, with a font taken from the computer expressing a concept more useless than mundane, simply because you think that a tattoo artist, for a fee, must fulfill any request just like a regular slave, then you will have to settle for a tattoo artist of “that” level. The past is full of tattoo letterings, from the slogans and acronyms of prisoners to expressions of love, including votive phrases of pilgrims, patriotic slogans of soldiers and so on.

In he also started working as art director and costume designer at the Scala Opera Theater in Milano. Black and gray is generally faster than colour but the working process for this entire piece turned out to be one of the fastest ever.

Tattooing A to Z #16: Gian Maurizio Fercioni

My “Doomsday Clock” piece is among the 25 best black and grey tattoos according to True Artists. Seek and you will find.


I’m pretty sure I could finish the whole octopus in the next sitting and the background in the following one. Click here to see the article. This client contacted me in asking for a black and grey biomechanical tattoo on his right arm.

Fantastic news if it weren’t for what he asked me to accomplish.

Please find here below the link to the article. A picture is always worth more than a thousand words! Too bad that after a couple of sessions, when I expressed my frustration for not being able to perform the work in my own way he replied: Tattooing A to Z — a Guide for Successful Tattooing was a book written by Huck Spaulding in to share with the tattoo world what he learned through many years of first hand experience.

Yeah yeah, there are plenty of mechanics and plumbers who extract molars out there; everyone knows that owning a pair of tweezers is enough to pull out a tooth!! My initial idea was to repeat the theme on the back inverting it, that is, blending the waves at the bottom with the biomech at the top and vice versa. Preliminary drawing that will come to life at the beginning of These are just some of the past tattoo trends in Italy, probably abroad there have been different ones but every country has definitely had its own.

From those elements I would have worked on something completely new. To me it was a shock, after spending precious time with my clients I always expect our conversations to clarify their thoughts about the tattoo world, about the way I work and enhance their aesthetic sense, but maybe I shouldn’t take many things for granted. JOKER NZ This customer’s ideas were a little confused, he initially wanted a fight scene between Superman and Dragon Ball, but the image he submitted me was not suitable for a forearm tattoo and there wasn’t much time to create a tailor-made drawing.


Having determined the subjects he then left me total freedom regarding the design I love this kind of clients: I didn’t think Znnuario would be able to colour this much in just three hours.

After evaluating some ideas regarding the position of the owl she left me carte blanche.

Manulibera: tatuaggi giapponesi a Milano | Tattoo Life

Let the News come to you! I love being able to work freely on themes and styles I love: He anuario suggested a Joker, one of my all time favourite subjects. Stay tuned to discover more soon!

The tray with the teapot and cups represent friendship, and the entire scene takes place at night because according to him it makes everything seem more fascinating and mysterious. Despite us both being very eager to start, it seemed that fate had something to say. Be the first to review this product. D I was confident, however, that I could meet his expectations and, as I almost always do for my biomechanicals, I drew the design directly on his skin.

So 3 more sittings were needed. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

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