The Arcam FMJ T32 is a pricey but downright fine-sounding DAB radio tuner for the discerning radio enthusiast. Find great deals for Arcam FMJ T32 Receiver. Shop with confidence on eBay!. The component-sized Arcam FMJ T32 tuner is a product designed for the hardcore radio enthusiast. It’s expensive, heavy and doesn’t have integral speakers.

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Using arcma Arcam rDock or rLead full control of the iPod is delivered from the remote handset along with pristine audio quality. The Elac Debut B6. With an rDock, we had some very good results from the T The soundstage is big enough to allow a symphony orchestra room to flex its muscles, and the Arcam’s dynamic poke and pudding-sweet tonality make for an invigorating listen.

The difference between the Arcam and less expensive devices was less evident when it came to digital radio, but it still delivered the fmi sound of any device tested.

Arcam FMJ T32 Tuner Upgrade

Voices are packed arcwm character, and the differences in broadcast environments are made explicit. Adding iPod functionality clearly makes sense and is very welcome, even if implementation is a little basic in the absence of video screen. Remote required You’ll need the supplied cD90 universal remote control to get sense out of an iPod aram it also helps with radio functions. The FM section is not, as is frequent practice, a complete bought-in module, but Arcam’s own design based on a small pre-assembled first stage and followed by high-performance decoding chips, including RDS.


At the price it’s not going to find its way into every system although we have occasionally seen it on sale for lessand even if your set-up justifies the outlay, the T32 won’t overly enjoy being partnered with a warm, rich amp’n’speakers combo. We even had fair results in inner H32 with the supplied wire antenna, but for most listening preferred a rooftop one. A rich, atmospheric performance The standard of DAB broadcasts is wildly variable, of course, but given a fair quality of broadcast the T32 locks on determinedly and delivers a rich, atmospheric performance.

Outstanding audio quality; Two pairs of outputs for multi-room use; AM radio support. DAB sound mfj less clearly differentiated from the competition: Setting it up initially is a process best described as arcane, with indecipherable button labels and a tuning process that was slower than most.

Best Hi-Fi Tuner, Awards A bespoke iPod interface is also included in the T32 allowing full integration of compatible iPods with any high performance music system.

Arcam FMJ T32 Receiver

The mobile world might finally get exciting again in Trials and Tribulations with Telstra November 22, Do not use a free VPN — ever! The same is largely true for iPod docks, though differences can be clearer with uncompressed audio.

Gadgets Gadgets See all. Isn’t this an odd thing to build into a tuner, you might ask?

The treble is nearly racam good: Basic tuning is arguably easier from the front panel, though, using the ‘analogue-like’ tuning knob. These traits are apparent with FM broadcast too, and given a Radio 3-standard broadcast to deal with the T32 is a broad and authoritative performer.

To make the most of your investment in one of our systems, we’d advise you to talk r32 one of our specialist dealers. Visit manufacturer site for details.

  ISO 2859-3 PDF

So it’s no surprise to hear of a new addition to the range, but what’s interesting about the T32 is that it features iPod integration, via Arcam’s rDock or rLead.

How clever is the Google spam filter? Manual tuning is brisk and efficient, while presets of them work in the usual way. The ffmj, clear VFD display has scrolling text and is easily read from any angle or in any light condition. Our Verdict A highly cost-effective way of optimising the airwaves.

The local ABC station came over tremendously clean and clear, which is just what’s required for speech-heavy listening — spoken voice has plenty of presence and body.

Arcam FMJ T32 DAB/FM Tuner | TechRadar

Arcam FMJ T32 review: System-matching needed Downsides are few. There’s no denying that this is one of the best new FM tuners we’ve heard in a while. Against It seems churlish to mention that we’ve heard better treble from FM tuners, if only more expensive ones Some minor ergonomic limitations.

Arcam actually offers an iPod dock add-on that uses this socket, and allows you to use the T32 to play back audio from the iPod. Stereo imaging is good with fair depth — a very tricky aspect of FM to get just right. Don’t show arvam again. The Good Radio, both analog and digital, never sounded so good.

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