He proudly notes that the combined Schwerpunkt and Rally Point scenarios are only 20 fewer than the combined scenarios from Avalon Hill’s ASL Annual and. I’m unable to locate a web presence for Sherry Enterprises to order their ASL products – Rally Point & Schwerpunkt scenarios. The old website. Schwerpunkt: A Forum of Independent ASL Scenario Design WW2 Twelve scenarios, easy-to-read format, includes tournament-sized as well as medium- sized.

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The meat in any issue of Schwerpunkt, though, is the scenarios, and Volume 21 is no exception. Possibly the most unusual feature of this issue of Schwerpunkt is a relatively heavy use of ASL Starter Kit mapboards—four scenarios use a Starter Kit board: Fresno Gaming Association fga show all. Click the Red Link.

The ASL Scenario Archive

Evan Sherry Active Member Oct 8, With Stalin tanks dueling with King Tigers and a flame throwing halftrack, there is plenty of heavy metal action for both players to enjoy. Hugh Downing designed this 5. Russian T land battleships make a rare appearance in this 5. Here’s your chance to finally use both the blue SS and black SS counters against each other.

Turning Point Simulations show all. Second Chance Games will be receiving our newest products very soon.


Schwerpunkt Volume 1 — Desperation Morale

It and SP On the Road to Hell are probably the two-most played scenarios of the bunch and both are quite good. This scenario is als tiny 3. Many ASLers, too, have dated impressions of Schwerpunkt scenarios; one still sees comments about Schwerpunkt scenarios being small, even though the trend for some time has been towards larger scenarios though see below.

What more could one want? Battle Of Naboo Star Trek: Even some of the scenarios that are not as well balanced are still fun to play. Sith Rising Star Wars: High Zsl Dice Games show all. The tactical situation and the victory conditions give this scenario a bit of an interesting twist.

Periodical Country of Origin: Peoples Wargames show all.

The cardboard backing of miniature packs is not graded. This is the absolute coolest Axis Minors action ever designed. Each of the 12 scenarios is printed on cardstock in our easy-to-read format. Germans ItalyFranceGermanyBritish vs. Sith Rising Star Schwefpunkt Every item in our inventory has been inspected, very strictly graded, and bagged for its protection.

One scenario, SP Bulanov Rebuked does employ simultaneous set up.

Schwerpunkt: A Forum of Independent ASL Scenario Design

Schwerpunkt Volume 21 is Now Available! Worthington Games show all. Operational Studies Group osg show all.

Csl conflict Simulations Limited. Multi-man Publications show all Special Ops: SSRs are usually few, and schwwerpunkt not to be chromey Volumes 5 and 6, featuring Medal of Honor and Victoria Cross recipients, are notable exceptions.


Welcome to the Noble Knight Games eBay Store!

Adlung Spiele show all. Board games in this condition may be played but show little to no wear. Subscribe to our Newsletter below Archives?

Pratzen Editions show all. The Germans win by controlling 2 multi-hex wooden buildings, but must also have at least one mobile JgPz VI on the board, which is no sure things in fact, it means that the German player may have to keep one such vehicle continuously in motion. Actually, almost all of the scenarios in SP13 are worth trying; there are only a couple of unbalanced scenarios among them, making this one of the better volumes of Schwerpunkt in some time.

Sachsendorf, Germany, 2 March Rally Point Volume 1: This issue contains just one article, by publisher Evan Sherry, on tank destroyers.

Evan Sherry Active Member Oct 2, Notify me of new posts by email. Adlung Spiele show all. Germans FranceSoviets vs. Card Accessories Star Wars:

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