Brian Evenson (born August 12, ) is an American academic and writer of both literary As a young man, Brian Evenson served a two-year mission for The Church of In , he received an O. Henry Award for his story “Two Brothers”. #92 Two Brothers- Brian Evenson. Daddy Norton has fallen and broken his leg. He refuses to let his sons leave the house for help. He believes. Brian Evenson’s work can be unpredictable, confronting the reader with what can Evenson has received an O. Henry award for his story “Two Brothers” and an.

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I can honestly say it won’t be the last. There are other things I could look at.

Brian Evenson – Wikipedia

I’m happy with the novel I’ve published and the novel I’ve just finished, feel that the subject matter of both demanded the more expansive treatment of a novel, but I think the form I find the most satisfying is the novella, even more so than a story. It’s a very strong book and as a writer I felt an affinity with it, which is why I wanted to translate it.

Posted by Tyler Gobble at 2: Among other accolades, Evenson has received an O. In translating Mountain Rhow much was Jacques Jouet’s voice and how much was yours?

Same, I think, is true of Jim Thompson, who does some things stylistically that I think are incredibly revolutionary. Newer Post Older Post Home.

For me, it was a way of trying to resurrect these dead, really intriguing words, and the story of the novella, which involves a resurrection cult and a very permeable line between life and death, sprang from that. Here is a paragraph p. I think that all my work has an element gwo humor to it, which is admittedly usually very much black humor. I’ve redrafted it, changing it each time very substantially, four times in the last eleven or twelve years.


Brian Evenson

Years ago, you said, “I’d like to think that the writing I’m doing has a signature of its own. Brizn an extreme book, but I’m very happy with it. Brian Evenson born August 12, is an American academic and writer of both literary fiction and popular fictionsome of the latter being published under B. I tend to throw away around half of what I write, and start a lot of brotyers that doesn’t work out. Some of my later work has continued to explore violence, but often in different ways, introducing affect and emotional content or exploring different sorts of combinations and the intensities to which they lead.

This page was last edited on 24 Decemberevdnson I have certain strategies involved with trying to slightly defamiliarize English. February Geoffrey H.

Brian Evenson’s Two Brothers. There’s something about that novel, which takes place in an imaginary Saharan country inspired perhaps a little too much by Roussel’s Africa, that I still like. Views Read Edit View history. Brotherrs wrote it four or five very different ways before finally understanding what needed to be done.

There’s always some bbrian toward writing novels, though I think that I’ve been lucky in finding and continuing to find a number of presses and magazines interested in publishing my short stories. I’ve been writing it for around six years, and feel like it’s finally nearly done.

We read evendon with care, with our guard up, only to find they have already slipped inside and gotten to work, refining the feelings, the vision, the life.


In your work, has the role of humor changed over time? Might these see the light of day? Your collections appear, especially in tone and theme, to have unique cohesive elements.

What else is out there? And a number of the stories couple difficult content with a borthers lyrical style which, I think, makes a reader feel pulled between being repulsed by the text and attracted to it.

I think with that book, I was trying to throw the reader into a world in which morality seemed absent so that any moral ground would have to come from the reader himself or herself.

Rather, I was completely engaged in the page.

If it was going to destroy me, I wanted it to be worth it. I am interested, as a reader, in people like Dashell Hammett who, at his best, is quite literary — he’s bashing around in noir before the genre was formalized and as a result does some very surprising things.

Theron steadied Aurel against the side of the house and leveled the air rifle at the dog’s head. If one digs brothsrs enough, at least several unpublished novels seem to exist — such as Pergolesi’s Death and A Circular Desert. And I couldn’t have done it without having read Steve Erickson ‘s work, which opened up new possibilities to me.

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