be able to return. Thanks for downloading the brass audition packet. To download, click the links below. If you have questions, contact [email protected] org. The exercises in this packet are designed to help you develop a solid All individual battery auditions will consist of the exercise packet, along with a 2 minute. AUDITION PACKET. Cadets Front Ensemble Audition Packet Introduction Hello, and thank you for your interest in the Cadets Front Ensemble.

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Planning to audition to columbians btw. I’m currently still learning how to toss 5s, but I still have a few weeks till the audition so hopefully I can get up to at least being able to get out a 6. And also, when do they hand out contracts? Do you know how auditions work for timpani, like if you went would you need an audition piece or stuff like ear tuning. Should I stick to snare for auditions or audition for bass?

We’ve only got four camps this season, so if you could send in a video, come to a camp, and then make arrangements to send videos until move-ins, I’m sure we could find a spot for you! I’m going to audition for the 19′ season and want to prepare. Submit a new link. The staff also wants to make sure you are comfortable and calm.

But regardless of which Corps you play for, you will have memories that will last forever. They don’t want a nervous wreck on tour! I just got a contract for being part of the bassline at my local WGI group to get the experience of marching somewhere before auditioning for a corps. I got called back by the Phantom Regiment contra and I was wondering if anyone had any idea how many contras generally get called back to a corps.

I have 3 seasons of high school marching band. Currently super rusty and nervous, but hoping for the best. No leaks of any kind allowed. Are there any corps looking for front ensemble spots? My question is, would bdb still be really worth it without the tour? If you want to know what phantom usually fields, go watch videos of phantom last year and see how many they took. It’s hard to make any drum corps.


Auditions Megathread : drumcorps

I saw a video of a dude tuning while in the middle of playing on the drum he was hitting it was pretty crazy. It makes you better by getting direct feedback from the staff in real time, gives the staff a better idea of your skill level, and most auditiom, it helps you get a feel for how things are run there. This is the only year I’d consider auditioning.

If anyone’s going to go to any of the Guardians camps, I live in the audituon they’re located in this year also auditioning again so let me know if you have any questions, especially about the town itself. Don’t harass any fellow redditors, ensembles, or marching members. Is it worth it to ;acket for bluecoats synth without any world class experience? However, one major cadegs with their corps is distance. Planning on auditioning for snare.

You can remember it by it is one lot, ‘a lot’. Might have to fast-track it just a bit with auditions coming up, but this looks super useful. The parent commenter can reply with ‘delete’ to delete this comment.

I auditioned for BK inbut had to back out for personal reasons. Corps go through ups and downs like any organization. Heat Wave is down in Florida and we have spots open! I’m a junior in high school and I really want to audition on mello for bdb with 2.

Also, audition advice for a euph player at the Cadets? You can send a video audition at http: Carefully read the packet to see if they want you to prepare a third piece. It may be a tad too early for this, but with many Corps starting recruitment stuff already, and more to follow, figured it would be good to start a megathread where all the info can be found.


We’re looking forward to a great season next year, building on the last two! All personal fundraising pages will be removed. This would be my first year actually auditioning for drum corps.

Thanks for any info and if anyone could point me in the right direction that would be much appreciated! Even if you don’t plan to march next year, I really would consider going to a camp, just to feel it out. Auditioned for dci for the first time and got a callback at bluecoats!

Even at the corps that doesn’t explicitly require it, it helps a lot to have experience marching an instrument at that corps.

I don’t remember the Denver clause being there last year. We had a member from Ohio last year- he sent in videos for each camp and then took a Greyhound to move-ins. If you do want something to start with, however, there are some videos from the staff at Bluecoats a few years back, looks like they were using them to keep up with members between pre-season camps.

Anyone know if the Academy’s November camps include the box drill audition? Arsenal will be opening video auditions here in a few weeks. Does your school have an exceptionally strong visual program?


Does anyone have a list of corps that accept video auditions? Why do we need to buy the Vanguard audition packet then?

They might have changed their fee structure because last year you paid the admin fee to cover all camps. Also have you been practicing on a 36,

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