The Gaean Reach – Quandos Vorn Must Die! DriveThruRPG: Your One-Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files! The Largest RPG. When I first heard about a Gaean Reach RPG, I was really gung ho about being able to play in the setting of such stories as the Demon Princes. In The Gaean Reach, Robin Laws makes amends for this with a game . the creator of the Dying Earth RPG – and is designed to work best for.

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TimeWatchfor example, uses tokens rppg ease the troubles in travelling through time or offsetting hurt through timey-wimey shenanigans. The Cerulean Duke 19 pages: The taglines system is interesting: You are commenting using your Facebook account. I would have preferred this as a system-neutral setting book, but arguably the companion Gaean Reach Gazetteer fulfills that need.

Here, Robin Laws has kept the system lean.

Character creation, in essence. One assumes the GM can figure out a name for some other-gendered villain. The officials, who were trained scientists themselves, replied that as members of the conservation society, they would not be bribed!

Laws seems to have faith that GMs will do rezch, but not players. Except, of course, that The Gaean Reach is actually pretty rp from plain-vanilla Gumshoe, as was even when it was first published in This is the second difference from standard Gumshoe borrowed from Skulduggery. Some weapons in The Gaean Reach kill, no messing, with a single successful hit.

Rockets seem a dangerous form of transport at the best of times and humanity gets along with everyone else purely through force of arms and stern words. I just wanted to give an idea of how Robin has tweaked the Gumshoe paradigm to fit the unique environment and plotting of a tale from the Reach.


In fact, he gave gwean the best quarters, kicking out the current occupants in the process.

I think a few sample hooks would be useful here, even if only to suggest flavor and style or to furnish the GM with a few fun ideas. Taglines provide Vancian dialogue, which gives the game a more articulate and effete feel akin to the books.

It drives the token economy knowing that your next funny line might save your bacon sometime later in the adventure. In any case, the next section of the book gives a quick rundown, with examples, of how the rules work in this iteration of the Gumshoe system. Um, I honestly have no idea!

The Gaean Reach includes all worlds colonized by humans, among which trade and travel flow freely for the most part. That habit will likely continue, and I shall review these items as time and motivation permit. The non-firearms weapons especially are suggestive of the kinds of things a GM can throw in, with a lot of nasty gadgets feeling roughly like the space-adventure equivalent of Bond gadgets.

Explanations are offered for why technologies which seem obvious to us such as computers are not available in the Reach spoiler: The rest of the first section explains the various skills, knowledges, and abilities defined in the rules, as well as providing guidelines on how to get players to come up with hook-filled backstories about what Vorn did to them, and providing players with taglines.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: A GM might aspire to such things, but often the resolution system suggests a focus on a specific kind of activity, and the rules and published material heavily scaffold for that activity.

The Gaean Reach | RPG | RPGGeek

GMs can rule that a failure is still a success, but a success with a complication added. But maybe this is also down to the fact that, as I suspect, Gumshoe games are a little harder to improvise than traditional RPGs, because of the point-economy for a given adventure. Black on white Vancian-flavoured text in a mixture of single and double columns, black line art and a red and black cover.


You are commenting using your WordPress. Obstacle Costs page In any case, I think this game shows promise, especially for a GM who has a group interested in playing a loquacious, clever, snarky space-adventures, and especially if you dig revenge stories and interstellar shenanigans.

Leave this field empty. Then again, your tank character is less likely have as many of the skills needed to track gaeam Quandos Vorn, gaea through his security, rig his transport craft to blow up, and so on, so maybe the spotlighting issue ggaean itself out naturally?

Gaean Reach

But is that really true? Add a copy to your collection. While the recah also contains the more general Gumshoe approach of point assignment, this card-based innovation is great.

The Gaean Reach reminded me a little of the science fiction of Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon, where most advancements in technology seem to be in hand weapons and floating cities.

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First, unspent tokens are lost at the start of the next session. Building Your Vengeance-Seekers 7 pages: Aidon tried to convince the patrol ship that approached them that they had reeach left their documents on his other ship, and rp to pay whatever penalty might arise from such an oversight.

The book suggests a process to layer each players purpose and drive around those of the others, providing them with a combined sense of purpose. Are there any resources out there besides what Pelgrane offers?

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