Editorial Reviews. Review. Axiomatic is a collection of Greg Egan’s short stories that appeared in various science fiction magazines (mostly. Axiomatic is a wonderful collection of eighteen short stories by Hugo Award– winning author Greg Egan. The stories in this collection have. Axiomatic is a collection of science fiction short stories by Greg Egan. Most science fiction fans these days would agree what when it comes to.

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Can anybody stay without belief, in a world where mind-sharing is a fact?

It’s a fine line that SF authors walk. Several Axiomatic stories involve “neural mods”, usually presented as small tubes containing powder inhaled through the nose, which alter the brains of their users in highly specific ways with advanced nanotechnology.

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I guess you can’t please everyone but I’d wager most people would be impressed by at least a few of this collection’s stories, albeit by different ones. Here, though, the dialogue takes between a hitman and his intended victim. Other themes include genetics, simulated reality, posthumanism, mind transfer, sexuality, artificial intelligence, and the superiority of rational naturalism over religion.

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Some of the more interesting stories include “Into Darkness,” the tale of a rescue worker whose territory is a runaway wormhole, and the title story “Axiomatic,” which is about a man looking to find meaning in the senseless death of his wife.

Read more Read less. For how long does a perfect copy stay perfect? He manipulates both genes and emotions to recreate a strange painting called The Caress by Fernand Khnoff a real painting. Mi experiencia con este libro ha sido curiosa: I liked the subtlety of this story, the way horror becomes yet another bit of everyday life we’d like to change and can’t Unstable Orbits in the Space of Lies: It’s rare to find an author with the implied authority to describe the technology and psychology of the currently impossible but now, because of his insight, highly likely futures.

Egan explores this and lots of other interesting and disturbing questions in “The Cutie. There was really cool stuff in there, and I like how he works off similar themes such as the jewel repeatedly, but some stories felt too close thematically or in the way they were structured.


The plots of both stories involve a small cabal of people, having proven that there is a region of “different mathematics” out there, figuring out what to do about it.

Information from the French Common Knowledge. It’s a concept SF readers are likely to be familiar with and find easy to accept, even if it has no current “real-world” validation. You will want to reread this one several times. This is a very good collection of short stories, with some very interesting ideas. Karen Burnham is vocationally an electromagnetics engineer and avocationally a science fiction critic and book reviewer.

The Safe-Deposit Box 24 pages: One person found this helpful. Both are given medicine, but one is not told she has been given a worthless placebo while the other gets a cure. This story is paired with an earlier one, “Luminous” They also undergo an experimental procedure which brings their minds into synch. Most of the stories have something to do with the way technology shapes Who are you, really?

Please note that I do not find Egan a bad writer, it’s just that his writing are usually more idea driven, then driven by the prose.

Neural mods feature prominently in Greg Egan’s first science fiction novel, Quarantine. Facebook Google Twitter Print Email. Retrieved from gref https: My favorite author as a kid was Isaac Asimov, and his Foundation and Robot novels gave me a permanent appetite for books that try to take ridiculous ideas about the future as seriously as possible, factory-farmed MFA-approved “literary” qualities be damned.

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. For more information, see our about page. One story in particular “Into Darkness” I would count as the best sci-fi short story I’ve ever read, just from the sheer audacity of the idea, and how it’s executed. All material in Strange Horizons is copyrighted to the original authors and may not be reproduced without permission.


Axiomatic is a collection of eighteen short stories by the award-winning science-fiction writer Greg Egan: By the time one reaches adulthood, the jewel’s simulation is a near-perfect predictor of the brain’s activity, and the jewel is ehan control of the person’s body while the redundant brain is discarded.

View all 4 comments. Stories of science, medicine, and I guess rescue ega. Some, like the narrator, lie to their diary or write it in innuendo only obvious after crucial events have happened.

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It’s one of those instances where the plain, unadorned style of the typical science fiction author is perfectly appropriate, and though the actual sci-fi part of the story is brief and totally overshadowed by the main character’s description of the ever-changing but inescapable prison of his life, I think it’s one of the most interesting short stories I’ve read in a while.

Axiomatic by Greg Egan

It may be because I have a Physics degree and work in computers, but I do find the “first” Egan endlessly fascinating. So far so good, not much different from the familiar idea of uploading your consciousness to a computer except that the computer becomes you.

Get to Know Us. The soap opera possibilities of getting to nail different women every day are brought axio,atic, but Egan’s description of what it would be like to grow up as a child, having no frame of reference whatsoever beyond the hard-won knowledge that somewhere behind the evanescent faces you see axiomahic the mirror is you, was seriously haunting.

She feels resentful at the convenience and this is not handled very clearly has tanged emotions about the brain being a sort of child rather axiomahic her husband.

It feels as if there are two Greg Egans:

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