“The Unparalleled Adventure of One Hans Pfaall” by Edgar Allan Poe. HansPfaall. This is a cool short story by Poe that I would place in the. Your Excellencies may perhaps be able to remember an humble artizan, by name Hans Pfaall, and by occupation a mender of bellows, who. Your Excellencies may perhaps be able to remember an humble artizan, by name Hans Phaall, and by occupation a mender of bellows, who, with three others.

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Immediately beneath me in the ocean, lay a small black object, slightly oblong in shape, seemingly about the size, and in every way bearing a great resemblance to one of those childish toys called a domino.

Fun story if you ignore the tedious detail about the balloon. Having pulled the bag up in this way, and formed a complete enclosure on all sides, and at botttom, it was now necessary to fasten up its top or mouth, by passing haans material over the hoop of the net-work- in other words, between the net-work and the hoop.

When darkness at length overtook me, I went to bed in great anxiety, fearing to pass over the object of so much curiosity when I should have no opportunity of observing it.

The Unparalleled Adventure of One Hans Pfaall

But at the epoch of which I speak, the analogy which a casual observation of a star offered to the conclusions I had already drawn, struck me with the force of positive conformation, and I then finally made up my mind to the course which I afterwards pfall. Visit our Help Pages. The entire absence of ocean or sea, and indeed of any lake or river, or body of water whatsoever, struck me, at first glance, as the most extraordinary feature in its geological condition.

I had indeed made a narrow escape. This is obviously impossible, and I don’t know how much scientific knowledge they had about this type of travel at the time of the writing, but Poe’s detailed description of everything that was necessary for a successful trip sounds pretty convincing.

Years later, in an American romanticism class, I’d get exposed to his well-known short st My experience with Poe isn’t as expansive as I’d like it to be, even as an entire collection of his works sits–mostly unread–on my cluttered desk with even more unread books, huzzah. But, to say nothing at present of this possibility, it was very certain that, at all events, from themiles I would have to deduct the radius of the earth, say 4, and the radius of the moon, sayin all 5, leaving an actual interval to be traversed, under average circumstances, ofmiles.


But the aeronaut, still greatly discomposed, and having apparently no farther business to detain him in Rotterdam, began at this moment to make busy preparations for departure; and it being necessary to pfxall a portion of ballast pfall enable him to reascend, the half dozen bags which he threw out, one after another, without taking the trouble to empty their contents, tumbled, every one of them, most unfortunately upon the back of the burgomaster, and rolled him over and over no less than one-and-twenty times, in the face of every man in Rotterdam.

The Unparalleled Adventure of One Hans Pfaall – Wikipedia

Edgar Allan Poe Estados Unidos, – fue un escritor, poeta, critico y periodista romantico estadounidense, generalmente reconocido como uno de los maestros universales pfaalp relato hsns. The cat was lying very demurely upon my coat, which I had taken off, and eyeing the pigeons with an air of nonchalance.

Few people were fooled, perhaps because, as Poe himself later acknowledged, it was written in a “tone of mere banter. To one end of the cravat I then made fast the buckle, and the other end I tied, for greater security, tightly around my wrist. This, of course, was a matter briefly and easily ascertained, by noticing the proportion of the pitcher filled in any given time. This was done, of course, to keep the bag distended at the top, and to preserve the pfall part of the net-work in its proper situation.

Upon the resistance or, more properly, upon the support of an atmosphere, existing in the state of density imagined, I had, of course, entirely depended for the safety of my ultimate hxns.

View all 3 comments. In the sides of the covering thus adjusted round the car, had been inserted three circular panes of thick but clear glass, through which I could see without difficulty around hanss in every horizontal direction. For it is evident ofaall such a medium must, in retarding the comet’s velocity, increase its centripetal, by weakening its centrifugal force.

Your Excellencies may perhaps be able to remember an humble artizan, by name Hans Phaall, and by occupation a mender of bellows, who, with three others, disappeared from Rotterdam, about five years ago, in a manner which must have been considered by all parties at once sudden, and extremely unaccountable.

It appeared to be- yes! Granted, the science of it all is quite horrible, and these faulty engineering e I’ve read quite a lot of Poe, but I’ve never read any of his science fiction. Scanned hasn of my concert stubs along with personal stories. In fact, amazement must have fairly deprived me of my senses, when I could not see the vast difference, in appearance, between the surface below me, and the surface of my mother earth.


Yet I would not suffer my thoughts for any length of time to dwell upon these latter speculations, rightly judging the real and palpable dangers of the voyage sufficient for my undivided attention. In that portion of the cloth forming the bottom, was likewise, a fourth window, of the same kind, and corresponding with a small aperture in the floor of the car itself.

The gas to be formed from these latter materials is a gas never yet generated by any other person than myself—or at least never applied to this purpose. The real diameter of the same comet’s nebulosity is pfaapl to contract rapidly as it approaches the sun, and dilate with equal rapidity in its departure towards its aphelion.

The balloon at first collapsed, then furiously expanded, then whirled round and round with horrible velocity, and finally, reeling and staggering like a drunken man, hurled me with great force over the rim of the car, and left me dangling, at ptaall terrific height, with my head downward, and my face pfaakl, by a piece of slender cord about three feet in length, which hung accidentally through a crevice near the bottom of the wicker-work, and in which, as I fell, my left foot became most providentially entangled.

I shall now proceed to lay before you the result of an attempt so apparently audacious in conception, and, at all events, so utterly unparalleled in the annals of mankind.

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This was, to be sure, a singular rencontre, for I had not believed it possible that a cloud of this nature could be sustained at so great an elevation. But this feeling did not fail to die rapidly away, and thereunto succeeded horror, and dismay, and a chilling sense of utter helplessness and ruin.

All this, and more- much more- would I most willingly detail. To-day I found an enormous increase in the moon’s apparent bulk- and the evidently accelerated velocity of my descent began to fill me with alarm.

With the means thus accruing I proceeded to procure at intervals, cambric muslin, very fine, in pieces of twelve yards each; twine; a lot of the varnish of caoutchouc; a large and deep basket of wicker-work, made to order; and several other articles necessary in the construction and equipment of a balloon of pfall dimensions. There are some particular passages which affected my imagination in a powerful and extraordinary manner.

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