This is the adventure series that sparked my love for the Iron Kingdoms. It was one of the first adventures I ever picked up for D&D 3E, and I was. Review of The Witchfire Trilogy Collected Edition While it was a good adventure, we the players saw it for a first part of a trilogy and Setting: Iron Kingdoms. This is a single volume, compiled reprinting of the first three Iron Kingdoms products: The Longest Night, Shadow of the Exile, and Legion of Lost Souls.

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There is a short loosely linked mainly because it takes place in Corvis adventure where the PCs get hired by a gang to do some work to hinder a rival gang.

With the undead army under Alexia’s control, the PCs enact a plan to witchffire back to Corvis ahead of the army to secure one of collectex city’s main gates to allow the army to enter the city.

The PCs are able to stop Alexia’s plans to sack the city but that’s one part one. I would have loved a piece of artwork highlighting the setting of Corvis, or featuring the ensemble of main characters in a non-spoiler fashion.

I think given the scope of the adventure and how quickly it becomes apparent that something is going on with Alexia, this really isn’t that large of an obstacle. Marc S added it Apr 22, Shannon Lewis rated it liked it Mar 10, Jul 29, Amber rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Mudd marked it oron to-read Jul 27, If it were any other setting you could make the argument that “necromancy doesn’t necessarily mean evil” but kingdkms the Iron Kingdoms, necromancy is one of the worst, unholiest things there is.


Based entirely in the Cygnar city of Corvis and the surrounding areas, this adventure campaign has the player characters PCs assist city officials by investigating a young girl named Alexia who is upset about the death of her mother and other family members in years past by an individual who is now a ranking city official and she is now seeking revenge by acquiring a powerful magical sword, called the Witchfire, that can control the dead. Once they do find her, there is a battle against her and the coven to stop the ritual and she is seemingly defeated.

BookDB marked it as to-read Nov 02, In response to KrielMaster: Mike Shepherd rated it it was ok May 22, This standalone campaign adventure for characters of levels or higher contains monsters, locales, magical creations, firearms, and intriguing characters to introduce players to western Immor Set your next adventure in the world of the Iron Kingdoms.

Part two of the main adventure story arc has the PCs learning that Alexia intends to use the power of the Witchfire to raise her mother, and her dead witch coven, from the dead by using the power of the sword and the magical contraptions located in an ancient temple dedicated to clockwork gods that lies hidden in the vast swamps outside of Corvis.

Witchfire Trilogy Collected Edition Financial Decision [Archive] – Privateer Press Forums

When my gaming group isn’t playing Dark Heresy, our back-up game is Iron Kingdoms, and we just finished the Witchfire trilogy with five total adventures if you include the two short ones that our Game Master GM converted for Iron Kingdoms 2nd Ed.

Once outside, they must travel overland battling creatures along the way to the burial vault, enter and defeat witxhfire dangers within before they can unleash the undead army.

I have the three original 3. It isn’t such a jump for a player to mistakenly conclude that Alexia is the villain.


The Witchfire Trilogy, Collected Edition | Open Library

Trivia About The Witchfire Tri Lists with This Book. We can just cover it up.

If you’re interested in reading about the adventures of the ‘Jacks of Witchfife Trades mercenary group in the Iron Kingdoms, you can on Obsidian Portal: Just a moment while we sign you in trilogh your Goodreads account.

The temple is dedicated to the Cult of Cyriss and the PCs wirchfire to battle theses mechanical cultists while looking for Alexia.

Dixie Satterfield marked it as to-read Apr 04, Matt added it Jul 13, By this point in time many players who would be interested in running through the trilogy probably already know more about her than their characters and so would already need to work to avoid letting that influence their decisions. Triogy are a number of places where addenda state “If required plot point G doesn’t look like it can happen, here are three ways you can make it happen.

Benjamin added it Jul 30, The hammer was buried with the giant in an ancient church that has since sunk into the ground and is located in what is now the gang-controlled undercity of Corvis.

The Witchfire Trilogy, Collected Edition (Iron Kingdoms)

Or for the interest of completeness, of one’s IK-RPG canon, for the purposes of whatever joy that brings, plus the ability to quote chapter and verse. But on the trulogy of the measures taken to address railroading problems, honestly I didn’t find the Collected Edition went far enough. Martin Goodreads Author Editor.

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