Visit ‘s Jean Liedloff Page and shop for all Jean Liedloff books. The Continuum Concept (Arkana) by Jean Liedloff (). $ Jean Liedloff, an American writer, spent two and a half years in the South American jungle living with Stone Age Indians. The experience demolished her. Jean Liedloff, who has died aged 84, was the author of The Continuum Concept: In Search of Happiness Lost (), in which she outlined her.

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She assumes a lot of things without, seemingly, any other basis than her observations There is great interest in what everyone does, but no impulse to influence–let alone coerce–anyone.

My subjective opinion note my qualification!

I’d be embarrassed to admit to the Indians that our women don’t know how to take care of their children until they read instructions written in a book by a man they’ve never met. Lirdloff before we arrived, Cesar decided to clear a garden of his own, and Pepe helped with every detail, from choosing the site to felling and burning the trees.

Jean Liedloff obituary | Life and style | The Guardian

We wage a war of wills: Over the course of five expeditions, she spent two and a half years living with Stone Age people. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. I didn’t even notice this before! They rarely experience strangers, crowds, or machines.

Jul 16, Elisa Parhad rated it it was ok. When he realises the playpen is in fact no good for his children, he destroys it immediately. I knew that animal mother would briefly leave the nest to pee or get a drink of water but the male be with the young or would come by with food for her or she would fast or snack quickly and stay with the babies as much as possible.


I was reading the copy of the book and perhaps the newest edition is a little more modern in its treatment of homosexuality. You just don’t have bad kids.

Jean Liedloff obituary

Parents had forgotten how powerful they are to young children and how easy it is to make them feel as if there is something wrong with them, even with a look. We will raise our kids as we ourselves were raised. Her book is based on her experiences while living with the Yequana, and discusses in particular their style of child-rearing and its fundamental effect on their later lives.

It is perfect and could not have been written better.

Similar authors to follow

Malcolm Kirk traveled to Papua New Guinea in She realized that she had been so “mind blind” due to cultural biases that she could not see the obvious.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Aug 29, Roslyn rated it did not like it. With the inattentiveness of an animal grazing at the edge of a cliff, he would tumble to a sitting position, as often as not facing away from the pit. Just because much of the book cooperates with my child rearing belief, doesn’t mean that it’s good. In autumn, it would be right; in winter under the snow, it would be perfect in its wintriness.

So in summary I think this is a great book to open minds and get people thinking, but because it is so grotesquely subjective and unscientific, it should not be looked to in itself as a source of information or a guide to parenting practices.


The experience it could tolerate was defined by the circumstances to which its antecedents had adapted.

Thankfully, her ‘treatment’ of homosexuality mars only about three pages of this dense page book. Spock to learn how to raise their young. Left alone the babies would chirp or howl and bring liedolff and she would instinctively avoid this at all costs. For example, she critiques parents for “chasing” their toddlers to keep them from harm or from wandering off, and the example she gives is of seeing modern parents do this in New York’s Central Park!

Jean Liedloff – Obituary

I was doing my best to excise the beginnings of gangrene from his toe by flashlight. The book itself isn’t perfectly convincing. She starts talking about homosexuality as being a reaction to a cruel father or a mincing mother Conditions were not conducive to the hunt, as the banana was naked and visible. While a lot of scientists agree that the child should have lots of contact, a lot of parents still keep their babies in another room or at least out of the bed in fear they would roll over their infant.

I first read this book seven years ago, as a new mom, and just reread it for book group. Liedloff spent five months in the jungle.

I count myself out of this contingent and maybe that’s why I just can’t support the theories the book lays out.

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