Ivan Klajn – Recnik Jezickih Nedoumica. Uploaded by Danijela Pravopis · Lokacijski Uslovi Saobracajni Prikljuci. Download. Jump to Page. You are on page. Pravopis srpskoga jezika je službeni pravopis srpskog jezika po preporuci ministarstva prosvete i Odbora za Recenzenti su Ivan Klajn i Drago Ćupić. Sledilo. Ovde su, naravno, u pravu Piper i Klajn govornici, a ne Piper i Klajn normativisti. Pasaž nosi i jednu stilsku nesavršenost: nespretno je reći.

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Rečnik jezičkih nedoumica

Most of the texts they had encountered were literary or general non-fiction, with no natural variation in terms of translation purpose, target readers and sociocultural circumstances. Remember me on this computer.

Nije mi bio pri ruci Pravopis. Click here to sign up. Students were given an hour k,ajn translate an advertisement with the following brief: Therefore, regardless of the clear written and oral instruction that said Underline the elements you think intervene in translation, what the students did was guess which elements were more influential than others.

Aleksandra Gacevic added it Jan 31, Mary added it May 02, The ,word course is written by professional writers and has been pravvopis by experts.

Strategic competence features all componential models of translation competence. A possible reason could be that they are still thinking as language teachers and not as translators and that their ‘translator self-concept’, i.

Anja added it Jun 18, Dieda Vorkosigan rated it it was amazing Mar 14, Beside Romance Studies, his interest also lies in the language morphology, linguistic consultancy and the standardization of the modern Serbian language. View Ideas submitted by the community.

Translation competence rests on familiarity with a theoretical framework that makes it possible to recognize problems pravopjs search for solutions, an ability to appraise the target situation and move away not only from the wording, but also from the purpose of the source text if the target situation so demands. U “Pravopisu” istih pisaca iz Open Preview See a Problem? Extralinguistic problems have been noted in the literature in Translation Studies as problems with the translation of cultural realia.


On the basis of this perceived relationship, students choose the main strategy and adequate translation techniques to solve recognized problems, and all of these are elements of strategic subcompetence. Your translation will be published in Dnevnik exactly as you have delivered it to the newspaper.

The Role of Extratextual Factors in Translation | Borislava Erakovic –

They expected that a multiple choice question should contain some answers that were correct and some pravopus and, correspondingly, that they were supposed to circle only some of the factors offered, not all of them.

London and New York: Although a project-based course is indispensable in making students aware of the complexity of a translation task as a whole, they also need to be exposed to a considerable number of cases which would more explicitly show what pravoips orientation in translation entails so that they can arrive at solutions to pragmatic translation problems in a variety of situations they will find themselves in the professional life of a translator.

Why not be a writer? Nikoleta Pajic added it Aug 24, Peer comments on this answer and responses from kaljn answerer. Since the first text was supposed to be a literal pragopis of the original document and the second a translation-adaptation in compliance with target norms, the correct answer would have been to circle letter T rue. Contracts are an example of a rigid text type that is culture specific. Therefore, an adequate strategy in this case would be to translate the phrase by using a generalization dnevne i prxvopis novine.

Since the brief stated that the translation was to be made for a klakn daily, it was necessary to consider the relevance of data about Great Britain and conclude that pravolis could have been left out completely or replaced with, at least, imaginary data for Serbia. The functionalist approach to translation has undergone many modifications since Vermeer first postulated the skopos theory in Baker and Saldanha It allows for the target text to have a different function from the source text, and therefore may exhibit a number of new features more suited to the needs of the target context.


Katarina rated it it was amazing Feb 07, Jelena added it Oct 08, The fact that they could not successfully solve it in the post-test indicates that the project-based organization of the course is not enough to foster the development of this aspect of strategic thinking: The internet was used pravopia terminology searches in parallel Serbian texts.

In the following step, the relationship between the source communicative situation and the translation skopos or the purpose of the target text is established. This would indicate that the choices in the target pravopos are based on the hierarchy of factors in the source text and that the full measure of target impact does not become evident. Retrieved on June 10 They do not single out transfer issues as problems which can be competently solved through the application of adequate strategies and techniques.

In addition to this, different translation briefs for one and the same source text help students realize the implications of different target situations.

Lists with This Book. Therefore, it could be concluded that the importance of the elements that were underlined by the fewest number of students client, function, sociocultural envirnoment and date of translation had not been demonstrated clearly enough in previous translation courses and also that it could not be established by virtue of a project-based course alone.

Marija is currently reading it Nov 17, Karolina Stanjo added it Oct 30, Out of 16 subjects, only one student underlined all the factors in the pre-test, and four oravopis the post-test measurement. Bokeshi rated it really liked it May 11, Translator koajn Interpreter Training. Britain yes no Igor rated it it was amazing Jun 19,

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