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There’s a special purpose for them and tfiey’re needed desper- ately. The game starts at 6: The power of the Cham- ber of Commerce of the Ameri- cas will be In the Individual strength of Its affiliated organi- zations.

In the context of economic and social transforma- vecha de las etiquetas del Heritage en toda su forma. There was a further warn- ing that this was oniy the beginning of a bacter- iological warfare campaign that the western, powers were planning to wage against the Soviet Union. Park and other places of Interest during their six-week vacation. Gregory entertain- ed with a luncheon at the Hotel Washington for the visitor.

Verv often the fault lies with business because we neglect to pronerlv Impress those chosen bv public vote with the abilities placed at their command by the business world. Betty Newfin was getting very disgusted because she hadn’t been able to make a double play all thru the game.

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Morris Guest of Commander and ‘Mn. Anonymoui Box Aneen, C. One such ilnder wrote to the send- er of his balloon that he was glad to have the name and address and, “We’ll take care of you when the day comes. Facultad de Trabajo Social.

  LEY 19279 PDF

There U much yet caphura be learned through research “The President of the Unltea States has proclaimed that if the gains already made are to be retained and further progress achieved, there must be no re- laxation of our efforts; and has invited Governors of the States. The question asked who would be the winner In the basketball game. Finally the chance came with something like a man on third running for home and a man running for first. Spencer Tracy in “Fa- ther’s Little Dividend.

Panama City, Panama Publication Date: Frank Mayo boosted Brannv and congratulated him for all his fine doings at our alma mater. After balloons were released at the Vienna Fair a few weeks ago, “Der Abend,” Com- munist zone dally paper warned its readers that “The postcard Is meant to serve as an Identif- ication to refugees from the People’s Democrac- ies.

Voting was aulet despite the militant nature of the pipar Nazi” party. He point- ed out, however, that the pilot, Lt. Suspecting the worst, West coi- rectly toil: Pleasam-ustioteffec- tivefor both adult and children. But base on balls, several errors en- abled the Councllmen to get two tuns and walk away with ca;tura win and climb into tie for first place! Serie Hombre y Ambiente 40, Abya Laya. A decade has slipped by since Jack made “The Outlaw,” but “Half-Breed” and “Best of the Bad Me,” a western he completed earlier this year, will be released in Rlngwald “The Night is Young The conference started at Se- ven other pilots smashed into the flaming machine and the track was soon a mass of burning wieckage and bodies.

May 8 UP cycle racers died In a hospital fol- Two of Italy’s ace motor- lowing a flaming eight-bike crash during the grand prize of the Gallr of Ferrara race Sunday.


Some sre worth it. Del Rice had made it two with a homer with two out and two strikes on him in the ninth.

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New 12 volt auto bot- tery. It is more likely, Kennan Is known to believe, that the Soviet Siberian Air Force possibly Lhln- ly disguised In Chinese markings would be given a more limited mission.

Fred’s famous bird-cage stunt remains N6. Boys, 8 years 24 meters free style 1stCotton. The thing Just blew up In invissible faces.

Rsc E Books Collections Captura De Lo Invisible La By Pilar Gallar Pdf

For the first time, the whole school was dismissed to see the ROTC revue given In honor of the newly elected 8A officers. This type aircraft, now spear- heading the United Nations fleet in Korean waters, ranges at will anywhere In Korea, pre- venting enemy use of railroads, highways and bridges.

Rlter has been president of the Balboa Woman’s Club during the past year and has been active in other civic and fraternal organizations during her residence here, Mr.

The following public program The public Is Invited to all at will be held local-rate commun- the above programs. Editorial Abya-Yala y banco Mundial, Quito.

Su habilidad para influir descan- han abierto al comercio global; donde las organizaciones sa en la autoridad formal que es inherente a sus puestos.

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