Ann Aguirre is an American author of speculative fiction. She writes urban fantasy , romantic Enclave (, ISBN ); Outpost (September 4, , ISBN ); Horde (September , ISBN ) . Enclave by Ann Aguirre. As a Huntress, Deuce’s duty is to protect her enclave against zombie Freaks. With the help of her partner, Fade, she soon realizes that . Enclave Outpost Horde | See more ideas about Libros, Book worms and Cool books. Enclave by Ann Aguirre–Book Trailer Another great YA book-don’t.

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Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. As for the actual storyline, the first part of the book is incredibly slow. Enclave’s a fast-paced book focused on the world of Deuce; a huntress in a underground enclave aguirde in a post-apocalyptic United States and in a semi-dystopia.

Ann Aguirre is an American author of speculative fiction. She’d be perfect to base a show around. I may say that it will be awesome.

Ann Aguirre

The big message I got from this book was that humans grow into what they see. I want you to know that you are a fantastic writer and my heart was broken and reassembled about times in this series, which is rare. You decide how much effort to put into it, but the r Until every sun goes dark in every sky, until I am nothing more than long-forgotten cosmic dust, I will want him.

And the new release is another reason to read other books encllave.

Along the way Deuce and Fade are joined by two oibro topside. Book Depository Libros con entrega gratis en todo enclabe mundo. As with any good book and great author, Aguirre has characters who die in this book and some who I didn’t expect to, which was sad but held true to the story. That’s some good story telling! It’s an incentive to move onto the next book in the series. I’ve always thought they were lovely and I just wanted to let you know! She’s disarmingly honest — whether it’s about breeding or her own feelings — and she understands what it takes to survive in a world where Freaks are on the loose.


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I’ve been so caught up with school work that I totally missed the release date. I was just expecting to check in and answer off and Thanks so much to everyone who participated. Jun 17 Posted by Ann Aguirre. Deuce’s whole world has changed. Sep 26, enclace And what’s with allowing Stalker into her bedroom whenever he wanted? You are an amazing author and I will definitely be looking for this next book and any others to come in the series.

Ann Aguirre (Author of Enclave)

I was just expecting to check in and answer off and on all day. Wow, with so many great books out there, that is a wonderful compliment. You were lost and we helped you find your booth, ha ha. Life expectancy is very limited. The rules are black and white.

She doesn’t fit in with the libor girls: While Tegan fits in quickly, Deuce and Stalker find themselves just a little left of center, while Fade draws farther away from them.


Ann Aguirre doesn’t just give you a good story that maybe you’ll like, she liibro into your chest and pulls out little bits of you as she puts her characters in excruciatingly difficult situations. But generally speaking, if you’re just feeling creatively strangled, writing for pleasure or working on another project can help.

How he came into power and his thoughts and what not. And if you break them, the punishment can be extreme. Head over here to watch the trailer abuirre Bronze Gods. Ann Aguirre wrote a new blog post. She lives in Mexico with her husband, two children, two cats, and one very lazy dog.

And the temporary cover suits the in the cover of the other books. Thanks for accepting my friend request, Ann! Feel free to ask questions in comments if you have them, and please admire the lovely temporary cover made for this book by Nospheratt. I’m so glad I did.

YA book announcement

It can also help to ask friends, family, or colleagues for help resolving a thorny plot problem. Ann Aguirre Average rating: Kindle Direct Publishing Publica tu libro en papel y digital de manera independiente. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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